Car Wireless Charger With Parking-Spot

While driving your car, it’s most of the time impossible to avoid the use of smartphones nowadays. Also, with Bluetooth connectivity of smartphones to the car, it has become very safe and easy to use many important, unavoidable apps without distracting you from driving safely.
With the increase in the usage of smartphones while driving, many apps especially GPS tracking for tracking location routes increases the requirement of continuous charging of your smartphones. And while driving hassles of wires are very risky.
Our wireless mobile charging device has brought a revolution in smart devices. It combines a smartphone wireless charging solution with the automatic parking location of your car through a mobile app.

Wireless chargers and smartphone holders are combined as one. When used as a car mount for smartphones, it can universally hold all phone devices with the size from 4.0 inches to 6.5 inches. It can be operated single headedly. The phone is automatically clamped as soon as it is put in and automatically released as soon as it is removed.
Additionally, the parking-spot Concept allows you to locate the location of your car through Bluetooth. You can download and install a parking-spot APP on your phone. The phone and car charging stand can be connected via Bluetooth to locate the parking location, which is very useful in large parking lots. The parking-spot Concept can be used anywhere in the world with GPS signals. Currently, we are one of the leading technology provides of smart wireless car charging devices.