Apex Tronic is no. 1 and one among the few swadeshi companies in India, who are into complete manufacturing of mobile chargers of different types. From Android phones to iPhone, we manufacture each and every part of chargers at our units. Not a single part is imported from another country.

PCB, cable, pin, and casing every part of the charger is manufactured, assembled, and tested at our units. We manufacture every type of smartphone charger, be it’s a wired or wireless, android or iPhone, fast or slow, 1 amp, 2 amp or 3 amp, single or dual device or smart charger and universal chargers. We are experts in manufacturing all these above-mentioned chargers either in black or in white color.

All our mobile chargers are designed and manufactured keeping in view the green environment. That means our chargers are energy efficient. Our chargers get your device charged and ready to use in less time.

Below are mentioned few of variable types of mobile chargers that we design and manufacture:


USB-C type is a latest technology for charging and transferring data. USBC is smaller and reversable connector and that’s what make it easier to connect to your device and use it. USBC cables has ability to significantly more power, so they can be used to charge heavy batteries that are installed in high configuration smart phones to provide more power backup.

  • Different smart phones have different sized and capacity battery installed in it. And there cannot be, a universal power charger for faster charging of all batteries. Further smartphone users have more than one device to charge at a time, requiring more powerful chargers. Keeping in view these requirements, we design and manufacture 1 AMP, 2 AMP & 3 AMP chargers for smartphones.

We are leading designer and manufacturer of high quality and most efficient wired mobile and smartphone chargers in India. We have vast industrial experience in this field and are into Manufacturing of best quality and variable range of Mobile Wired Chargers.We also ensure that all our chargers undergo international level quality checks to ensure that all our products are above international standards in our industry.

With increase in the usage of smartphone, comfort in its charging without mesh of wires is also a need of present and future era. We came up with the solution by manufacturing of wireless mobile chargers. Currently we are leading premium quality wireless mobile chargers in India. Electromagnetic induction technology is used to transfer power to portable devices in wireless charging solutions.