Door Lock

 We are leading smart door locking technology providers in India.

Are you among those who are often confused and worried about whether they have locked their door or about theft? Or you are among them who are, extremely careless and keep misplacing keys. Or you have many people moving out of home at different times and coming back at different times, needing separate keys for everyone.

If yes, then smart door locking is the only solution to all your problems. A smart door locking system uses robotics and cryptography to provide the most automated and smart door locking system for all your locking requirements.

Here are some advantages of smart door locking solutions:

  • Hassle-free Keyless Entry: Our smartphones are with us like our shadow. Moreover, your finger and fingerprint are always with you. Your smart door locks can easily detect your smartphone via Bluetooth and also your fingerprint. Bluetooth and fingerprint-based door lock means you won’t need to carry a key to lock or unlock while entering or leaving your premises.
  •  Remote Entry: Controlling your wireless lock from your phone means you can lock and unlock your door even if you aren’t at home. If you can’t get home on time to meet an important person who is well known to you. You can unlock the door remotely to let them in.
  •  Temporary Key Assignment: Having installed smart locks at the front door, enables you to assign visitors, house-sitters, or neighbors a temporary or permanent entry code specifically for their use. And since they don’t use a physical key, a smart code lock can be changed or revoked at any time.
  •  Mobile Real-time Monitoring: In contrast to the traditional locking system, a smart locking system can immediately transmit locking and unlocking logs to your mobile device. So just log into your phone and see exactly when and who locked and unlocked your door at what time.