Music being the most preferred entertainment media for people of every age group, the sound output is expected to move on everywhere we move.

Over the past few years, makers of every shape, size, and variety have started pounding out Bluetooth speakers, many barely able to sound much better than your smartphone speaker.

We are a pioneer in manufacturing PCB for Bluetooth double speakers’ sound system, to give music lovers powerful, crystal clear stereo output. We manufacture each and every part of the Bluetooth double speaker system. Our PCBs are manufactured using the latest technology, which makes our sound system stands ahead of others in terms of quality and power of sound.

We manufacture PCBs and complete Bluetooth sound systems, ranging from 3 W to 300 W, while maintaining high Bass and Treble, along with crystal clear sound. We also ensure and you enjoy music for longer durations with long battery backup. Our double speaker systems stand ahead of others available in the market in terms of quality, design, portability, durability, backup, and technology.