We are a leading infrared (IR) thermometer technology providing Company in India. Our elegantly designed digital infrared thermometers are extensively used in repair and maintenance services, industrial applications, research works, HVAC, and construction works. Ever since COVID-19 attacked the entire world, IR thermometers are now also being used for contactless checking, a body temperature of people entering in offices or any other workplaces and public places. Our huge range of IT thermometers provides people options, to choose a variety of models for taking a variety of temperature ranges.

digital IR thermometer gun unit has an LCD screen, processing unit, optical unit, and temperature sensor signal amplifier unit. An optical unit captures, Infrared energy that is focused on the sensor, which then translates energy into an electric signal. This signal is shown on the LCD as a digital temperature.

An infrared Thermometer is a compact unit used for measuring, the surface temperature of any object from a safe distance. Having an appearance similar to a gun, these are extensively used for measuring the surface temperature of hazardous, hot, or hard-to-reach objects. Also known as a laser thermometer or non-contact infrared thermometer, it uses thermal radiation emitted by an object for determining the surface temperature