The international selfie stick market has shown immense growth at a Compound annual growth rate – CAGR of around 20% during 2014-2019. A selfie stick is an equipment used by people to place a smartphone or a digital camera, to an extended reach of their arm. The selfie stick is either connected to the smartphone via a jack and wire or connected using Bluetooth controls. This connection enables users to take pictures or record videos by clicking on the button located on the handle of the selfie stick. These devices are easy to carry anywhere, it is lightweight, cost-efficient, and help capture creative wider shots and provide stability to minimize motion blur.

In India, the crazy for taking selfies and using the front camera is ever-increasing among youngsters and even among people of every age group. We at Apextronic, ensure that India becomes self-reliant in technology. We are one of the leading technology providers of Bluetooth and so if for selfie sticks. We deal in every type of selfie stick and continuously working on innovations in selfie sticks.