Speakers are the most important part of any music system. Music lovers are most possessive about the quality of sound output the speakers are producing, along with the portability and mobility of speakers. Continuous advancements in Bluetooth technology has brought a revolution in wireless sound system. We are pioneers in the manufacturing of Bluetooth speakers of every type from over a decade. Each and every part of our sound systems is manufactured and rigorously tested to provide you premium quality and durable sound experience.

Here we present a premium range of single speaker Bluetooth sound systems. Our speakers give you crystal clear sound, with quality high bass and treble, so you enjoy your favorite music of all flavors with a single sound system.

Our single speaker sound systems are solid build with elegant designs and offer you quality stereo sound and are most suitable for personal use or small gatherings. It gives you an optimum combination of bass and treble. Outputs very balanced smooth sound. No boomy mid-bass or bright treble. Very smooth treble. Its premium quality lithium-ion battery can play non-stop music for long hours on a single charge. Enjoy wireless music streaming via BluetoothUSB, MicroSD, and FM radio with just one click. Stay connected on calls with built-in mic for hands-free calling