Use Bluetooth Audio Module For Wireless Life

Use Bluetooth Audio Module For Wireless Life

Being a gadget freak, you surely have heard of bluetooth audio module. It provides one with a highly integrated solution for delivering high-quality stereo audio.  You can use the module in hands free audio for your car. Remote control of your media center, stream 2-channel audio. It is specifically designed for Bluetooth speaker products. High integration enables the product to gain more power. If the user wants to establish a connection with remote control protocol, any bluetooth audio devices like mobile phones, laptops, Bluetooth adaptor, and many other devices can be easily connected through the wireless receiver. Modules help users to have access to a remote control interface, work status indication interface, stereo audio output interface.


  • The module has different power levels viz. class1, class2, etc.
  • Built-in lithium battery charging circuit.
  • It has a powerful noise elimination circuit.
  • Transmission can take place up to a distance of 20 meters.
  • Operates at low voltage resulting in less current consumption.
  • Stereo audio output can directly drive the speaker without blocking capacitors.
  • It may consist of different machine control buttons, including Play Pause, Volume up, Volume down, on the one, the next one.
  • Support the key auto connect feature.
  • The two indicators used to indicate different working conditions.

Safety Measures

  • The power supply decoupling capacitor should be located close to the module pins.
  • The module substrate should be covered with insulating white oil near the substrate location.
  • Audio circuit ground should be fully separated from the other ground and be connected with the power ground after separate circuit design.
  • All ground should have copper paving so that more the holes the better it is.
  • To ensure good communication with the outside world the antenna should not be close to any metal objects. It is better to keep empty below the antenna.


Useful in various types of high-quality Bluetooth stereo audio receiver equipment and headphones etc!

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